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The senses experiment


Remember that we taste with our tongues. Our sense of taste works together with our senses of sight, smell and touch to identify food. If you can’t see or smell what your eating, it can be difficult to say what it is. We carried out an experiment in the lesson to prove it. Children brought some fruit and then played a game trying to identify the different pieces of fruit using just their taste. It was good fun and children loved it!


    • Saray Zurbano Sainz on 29 mayo, 2013 at 12:18
    • Reply

    Gracias por la foto esta muy chula a los padres también nos gusta verlas

    • Naiara on 29 junio, 2013 at 20:22
    • Reply

    I love photography,you served us very helpful because we dare try and eat fruit and now,who thought we did not like either,thanks to you,we could eat fruit now and we like to eat.

    Thanks Pat 😉

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