Last week, children in third grade created a proyect about vertebrate animals using a cooperative learning. They designed a poster with their favourite animal, they investigated about main characteristics, and they also printed and colored a beautiful picture. Pupils presented their proyects in first and second grade. To conclude, they had a surprise with an exhibition of modelling animals. It was great!


Cooperation in English

Working hard in our lessons!!!




Here you go  posts about  the use of simple past tense and past continuous . Try your hand and good luck!



Last October we celebrated Halloween. We put on some fancy dresses, some of them were very scary. We also ate lots of sweets and had a party in the classroom. It was fantastic and we loved it. Besides we learnt new words and facts about this traditional celebration.

International Book Day


Today we’re celebrating the International Book Day. Every class in the school is going out to read some poems, books or tell stories around town. We’re very happy because it’s an exciting activity and mummy and daddy can see us. It’s also sunny and we can play afterwards. We hope people enjoy our creative activity. It’s a good day to start reading a book!

Hello Mendavia!


How do you do? This is our brand new English blog. It is a site where you can write your comments and know more about what we do in our English lessons. We hope you like this page. Why don’t you tell us something about you or our lovely town Mendavia? In English, of course. Come on! You can do it!


Este es el nuevo blog de l@s teachers de Mendavia..